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PN Carnet Perfume Valmont Palazzo Nobile Eauz De Toilette Casanova 2161

Palazzo Nobile:

The freshest eaux de toilette

Heighten the senses and unleash olfactory emotions with this collection of floral, crystalline, easy-to-wear gems. A noble and intimate collection for men and women, Palazzo Nobile captures life’s most pleasurable moments in subtle fragrances. 

Cutie Pear 100ml Valmont

Cutie Pear *NEW!

Eau de toilette Floral Fruity

Casanova 2161 Valmont 100ml

Casanova 2161

Eau de toilette Woody Aromatic

Valmont Fizzy Mint 100ml

Fizzy Mint

Eau de toilette Aromatic Citrus

Valmont Bright Poppy 100ml

Bright Poppy

Eau de toilette Floral Citrus

Valmont Satin Musk 100ml

Satin Musk

Eau de toilette Floral Musky

Valmont Secret Bamboo 100ml

Secret Bamboo

Eau de toilette Floral Green Powdery

Sea Bliss 100ml Valmont

Sea Bliss

Eau de toilette Aromatic Aquatic

Valmont Blooming Ballet 100ml

Blooming Ballet

Eau de toilette Floral Fresh

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