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Collezione Privata

Four expressions of femininity, sensual and contrasting fragrances to pay homage to all women. From playful and rebellious, elegant and serene, intellectual and intimate, to sensual and intriguing; delicate eaux de parfums to be worn as embellishments of beauty. 

Valmont Just Bloom

Just Bloom

Eau de parfum Floraldehyde Musk

Effortless charisma for the serenely self-assured. In a play of lunar and solar light, a new white floral is born.

Valmont Lady Code

Lady Code

Eau de parfum Chypre Gourmand


Contrasting vibrant top notes of pink berries with the timeless sensuality of magnolia and the impeccable crunch of almond, Lady Code projects elegant confidence with every spritz. Chicly unique olfactive accents embody unadorned sophistication for a fragrance that lasts.

Valmont Private Mind

Private Mind

Eau de parfum Floral Leather

In this daring new take on classic notes, precious olfactive ingredients, including saffron, rose and leather, inform a boldness that intrigues as much as it seduces. An exploration of femininity, Private Mind envelops the wearer in a veil of mystery and sensuality.

Valmont Jazzy Twist

Jazzy Twist

Eau de parfum Floral Gourmand

Gourmand notes of delicate magnolia, invigorating black pepper and sugary chocolate chips bestow a decisively feminine flavor. Endlessly addictive, Jazzy Twist has a provocative power to seduce the senses.

Sweet with a hint of edge.

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