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Deto2x Cream and nothing else, for 5 days!

We tried using Valmont's Deto2x Cream in the morning for five days straight, and we love it! Here are the top 3 reasons why you should love it too!

1. Dull areas around your skin gets clearer

The Deto2x Cream works in bringing oxygen to the skin, giving it a breathe of fresh air, leaving your skin clearer with visibly lighten pigmentation.

2. Skin appears revitalized and hydrated

The Deto2x Cream contains Valmont’s signature Triple DNA complex that works to maintain and stimulate the skin’s vital functions, thus leaving it with energized and restores the hydration level of your skin.

3. Anti-aging effects

The Deto2x Cream contains stem cells from Swiss apples, which is the key to cell renewal due to the boost in your Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). This would leave your skin with a renewed look, and be your number 1 shield towards aging!

Limited Edition, Deto2x Cream comes in 90ml jars, so grab yours today over here!

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